Cabinet Vision - Marie Cassidy Q & A

We asked Marie Cassidy, CV Product Business Manager, to answer the following questions, read on to see what she said.

How was 2016?

2016 was a record year for Cabinet Vision UK, with growth in all areas of the Business.  New Customer Sales was the highest on record.  We continue to expand our Sales and Support teams, with each new addition bringing experience and product knowledge.  Cabinet Vision UK strives on delivering exceptional customer service in all areas of the business from our initial Sales pitch through to the final days integrating machinery. 

How is the Year going so far?

A New Year always brings new challenges, however with New Budgets and targets in place, along with a record January – 2017 promises to be another great year for us.  The key to the success of the software is the skill and knowledge of the team of people involved in Selling, Installing, Training and Integrating Cabinet Vision.  Our Sales process is a controlled Consultation process ensuring that we are understanding and addressing the customer’s needs, setting expectations and delivering and servicing those needs.  Our Technical and Support Team has decades of experience in using, training and integrating Cabinet Vision – they make the system easy to follow and use.  Our collaboration with Machinery Partners is growing, with Screen to Machine producing machine ready code for numerous machine types and brands. 

How do you see the market place?

Confidence in the market and UK manufacturing is high. We have seen a shift in gear following Brexit in 2016, with many companies investing in machinery and software.  Cabinet Vision is well positioned within the market place, to benefit companies looking to invest in their business, promoting lean manufacturing process.  With various price points and software modules, we have a software solution to work for all Company sizes.

What can we see from CV UK in 2017?

2017 will see the release of Version 10, with improvements in Rendering, Licensing, Bid Centre Reporting, Cad and Screen to Machine.

>> Check Out Some of the V10 Videos Here

We will continue to expand our team in order to deliver our software and services 

Throughout the year, we will be visible to customers, through Open Houses, European Exhibitions and User Group Meetings.  We expect to see more liaison with Educational programs to develop the knowledge of apprenticeships as they engage in the working environment. We continue to improve on the services we deliver to customers, improving the overall customer experience.