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We're coming up with a great update

Vortek Major UPdate

Planit are excited to announce that the latest version of Vortek Spaces is now available on the Windows Store.

The whole team at VORTEK Spaces is very excited to let you know that we have been working really hard in the last couple months to bring our best update so far!!

With this update, we have revamped the whole user interface, updated most of the graphic effects (shadows, bloom) added a lot of new features requested by customers.

All of this while making the design & sales process even quicker!

New Features

New updated user interface.

Start Screen:

1- Ability to choose project folder location

2- Filter projects by Name/Date

3- Search Projects

4- Updated Import project Screen

5- Associate a new VOK file

6- Export as VOKproj for easier sharing between users.

7- Right click on project to open single view gallery


New Expert or regular Mode (removes more advanced sliders & options)


New group Tabs: Editing, Staging, Visit, Gallery


1- Updated Graphic enhancers, Reflections, Shadows, Bloom, Ambient occlusion

2- Select and save favourite materials

3- Right-click a material to copy & edit

4- Added metallic texture slider in material editor

5- Emissive material can bloom

6- Updated glass materials

7- Imported Glass material is now selectable in Spaces

8- See previous material next to new choice for comparison


1- Added Camera filter presets (warm, cold, vibrant…)

2- New color grading feature ( contrast, saturation, tonemapper…)

3- Added Screen Space Reflections

4- Can now delete lights added in Spaces

5- When adding light to selection, it copies the properties of the first light 


1- Can now select walkthrough settings from the visit tab

2- Walkthrough auto positions itself for the walkthrough recording.

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Make sure you check out the Windows Store or view the 'About' tab inside Vortek Spaces to ensure you've got the latest release.

Vortek Spaces on the Windows Store >


  This new update will install side-by-side with your actual VORTEK Spaces application in order to prevent any loss of work. So you have to install the update on a voluntary basis. 




DO NOT UNINSTALL the original VORTEK Spaces as you will most likely delete all of your existing projects

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