How Cabinet Vision created more family time

John De Vos started his apprenticeship in 1996, working at one of the first customers in Western Australia to own Cabinet Vision. Part of his apprenticeship was operating the company’s new CNC Machine. John learnt hands on from a technician, and built up his skills as a CNC operator. 

In 2006, John decided to venture out on his own. ‘All About Wood’ was established, starting out as a small business as John took the time to ensure everything was in place. Getting a CNC was always in the plan, and three years later John received an offer to purchase the same machine he had the learnt on.  It was a simple decision.  John knew how to operate the machine and felt comfortable with the condition & reliability he would experience. The CNC was only step one of John’s plan.

As the business grew, John always knew the best way forward would be to invest in software. He identified the benefits it would bring, after seeing it in action at his previous job. It was just about waiting for the money. As John describes, “I knew what it could do, it was just a matter of time”.

In 2013, he was working with his accountant, and software was once again discussed. The pair did the numbers, and they saw just how much software could benefit the business. Alan Gibson, Territory Manager for Planit in Western Australia, worked with John to discover the right solution for the business.

Alan was able to demonstrate how Cabinet Vision would integrate into the business, including the process involved in sending designs to the machine. Alan was also able to point out that many businesses near John also use Cabinet Vision. This gave him peace of mind, knowing that Cabinet Vision was a well trusted investment.

Implementing Cabinet Vision’s Solid Standard level into the business has brought major improvements in efficiency for the business and has streamlined operations. John describes his experience by sharing, “I can send a job straight to the machine from Cabinet Vision, and it is all there. It’s been an amazing learning journey.”

This improved efficiency has allowed John to spend more time with the family. As John comments, “My wife is excited by the fact I have been able to save so much time, meaning I can spend more time with the family. I used to bring work home or even come back to the office after dinner, but now I can just go home and spend time with the kids. It’s great”. 

John’s been able to save time in being able to easily make changes to the design when working with clients, as well as not needing to go back to site as often. “Installing is done more efficiently because Cabinet Vision helps us have everything ready before we leave.”

As the business grows, John has the option of upgrading to a higher level of Cabinet Vision, giving him greater functionality and further automation. Cabinet Vision will be able to continue being a key part of the business in the years ahead.

Looking back on the whole journey, John says “I waited too long before getting software, I should have done it sooner. The best way to grow your business is to start with a router and Cabinet Vision. You won’t regret it.”

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