Case study: Benchmark Interior Joinery: Solid Essential with S2M


 Cost and Time Effective Manufacturing

Benchmark Interior Joinery operates in South Australia’s Holden Hill, and is a small family business run by brothers Steve and Andy McGeorge. They cater for the Australian domestic market with their main avenues of work being in manufacturing flat pack and fully assembled kitchens along with making display stands for Tasman Oliveri.

Benchmark interior Joinery needed to find a solution so that they could manufacture their kitchens in both a cost and time efficient manner.

Steve and Andy McGeorge approached Planit’s South Australian Territory Manager Tony Vella to find a solution that would not only meet their budget but their design and manufacturing requirements.


Finding an Effective Solution

After listening to what the team at Benchmark Interior Joinery needed to improve their business, it was clear that it was not only the software that they needed, Planit also needed to play a crucial role in guiding and supporting Benchmark Interior Joinery as they integrated this software into their business.

Starting with Solid Essential with S2ME (Screen-to-Machine Essential) was a perfect fit to get their drawings to the machine without having to use another third party program. It provided all the drawing needs for Benchmark Interior Joinery as well as the detail for factory staff.

Solid Essential is an entry-level product however it still provided the customer with the plans, elevations and 3D Photo Vision Renderings that allowed them to integrate the solution into their design and detailing process. 

For the manufacturing process, Cabinet Vision’s S2ME was able to shape parts, drill the holes required, optimise the job and provide labels for part information and identification. Planit was also able to customise the integration to suit the needs of Benchmark Interior Joinery, which was highly beneficial to the successful outcome.


Seeing the Results

Benchmark Interior Joinery was thrilled with the results of using Cabinet Vision Entry Level Manufacturing software.

Andy McGeorge says, “It has been a dream to be able to draw a kitchen, push a button and the machine cuts it for you.”

He is now drawing kitchens with Solid Essential, and with S2ME, cutting and drilling jobs on his new Weeke Nesting Machine, eliminating the previous manual process of creating a cutting list for his panel saw and drilling individual parts on his point to point


Investing in Planit’s Entry Level Manufacturing software, along with a nesting machine was not only a big step forward for them, but also played a key part in allowing them to grow their business.


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