Cabinet Vision helping grow businesses

After working at a company for just over 10 years, including completing their apprenticeships, Damian Carroll and Todd Nicol decided that it was time to take the next step and start their own business. CN Fitouts was established as a way for them to make their mark on the industry.

For the last 4 years, Damian and Todd have been building up the business, with a strong focus on customer service. The two business partners have created strong industry relationships with other cabinet makers in Victoria, whom they have been able to use for advice during their growth. When they discussed software, all their industry connections mentioned the strength of Planit; for both its software (Cabinet Vision) and how they support their customers. This gave Damian and Todd the confidence that investing in software with Planit would be a valuable investment for their business.

CN Fitouts met with a Planit consultant in August 2013, and Cabinet Vision Solid Essential was deemed the best to start for the business. This allowed them to begin to produce plans, elevations & 3D Renders to help communicate designs to architects, builders and customers alike. The added benefit of also producing accurate cutting lists to use with the panel saw, material summary’s and factory production drawings, all aiding and speeding up the manufacturing process. The key takeaway’s that were achieved with investing in Planit software saw CN Fitouts be able to win more work and speed up their manufacturing processes.

CN Fitouts invested in a CNC to improve their manufacturingHaving regular contact with Planit through the early stages was crucial to the fast tracking of the steep learning curve. In less than 12 months, CN Fitouts had made the decision to invest in a CNC machine, which tied in with the business moving to a bigger factory. CN Fitouts again met with their Planit consultant and discussed their needs & was deemed that Cabinet Vision Solid Standard with S2M Essential would be the ideal platform for this next stage of their business. This upgrade allowed them to be able to send jobs from Cabinet Vision straight to their CNC router. With these big changes taking place, the business was growing into a strong position.

The advantage of beginning the journey by learning how to use the design software prior to the CNC machine installation paid massive returns. As CN Fitouts had already been using the software for some time, a fair amount of jobs were ready to be sent to the CNC machine as soon as it was commissioned, with production starting the very next day.

Planit has been able to support CN Fitouts along the way, ensuring the software continued to drive production. Damian and Todd shared that, “without software we wouldn’t be able to keep up with the amount of work we have. If it wasn’t for Cabinet Vision and the ability to draw the job up and easily send it to the machine, we would of lost a lot of work. Once we’ve drawn a job, it is ready to go at the machine – and that’s within a couple of hours.”

Damian concedes, “The hardest part for us was putting the effort into learning the software. People have the wrong expectation that software is as simple as installing it and it’s already to go. You need to actually spend them time to learn how to use the program properly, so that when you send the job to the machine, it cuts it exactly how you want it to.”

The CN Fitouts team currently utilise all the features of Solid Standard to ensure they can provide high level of detail for their clients and meet builders’ specifications. The two partners have great strategy for where they want to take their business. This includes currently having key staff members beginning to learn Cabinet Vision, through the convenience of Planit’s Online Training Courses. This training ispart of their plan to upskill their staff so some can move from the factory and help out more in the office preparing jobs for manufacturing. These courses are supplemented by Planit’s Training Videos that customers can easily access and watch. This will help Damian and Todd concentrate on continuing to grow their business, positioning themselves for many years of success.

Damian and Todd shared that since investing in Cabinet Vision, they have been able to double the amout of work they can take on. This is thanks to being able to do things more efficiently with Cabinet Vision. Damian discussed how “loosing time in the office can easily slow down the factory. You can spend less money on software, but you’ll end up wasting more time with a program that takes longer. Cabinet Vision has definitely been the right decision for us.”

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