Planit helps produce unique joinery

Based in the Illawarra, on the South Coast of NSW, PKJ Designs is a company who specialise in custom designed Kitchen and Joinery work. Owner, Peter Binns, established the company after working for other joinery companies in the area. Peter wanted to utilise his skills and build a business that produced more than just standard cabinets, but also had a strong customer service approach.

After experiencing what software could do in his previous job, Peter knew that software was going to be an important resource for his business. Peter researched which particular software package would best provide the tools and functionality PKJ would need to produce the type of work they do. Peter spoke with Planit, and decided that Cabinet Vision was the solution that was going to best fulfill the specific needs that PKJ required.

Peter and one of his experienced employees, Darcy, spent time building their skills and knowledge through both Onsite and In-house training with Planit. Peter mentioned that both he and Darcy originally had a limited understanding of computers. However, both have since regularly spent time using the software and both are now completing jobs in Cabinet Vision and sending the information, including the G-code for their machine, down to the factory.

As Peter shared, "At first, Darcy would regularly be telling me about his frustrations trying to understand how it all worked. Yet now he is designing all the jobs and getting it ready for machining down at our CNC.” The experience has been a learning curve, but now, both Peter and Darcy are proud of what they can achieve in Cabinet Vision.

Peter explains that “With Planit's help, we can really push the program to where we need it to be for the type of work we do. We are really impressed by what we've been able to achieve." One of the current jobs Peter has produced was a round table top with various parts that interlock together. “With Cabinet Vision, you are able to work through it step by step, just how you would build it yourself. We are able to draw the whole thing in Cabinet Vision, and then send it straight to the machine”.

Since integrating Cabinet Vision into their business, Planit has really been able to help PKJ build on the operational side of their business. Peter has been able to shift his focus from worrying about minor details that used to take up his time. He can now concentrate on winning new clients for the company, and putting time back into other parts of the business. This extra time has allowed him to spend more time with his staff, and share his skills with them.

On the wall in his office, Peter has a quote that reads, "Growth demands a temporary surrender of security". When discussing it with Peter, he jokes, "I do every day… I’ve certainly had to since purchasing the machine and Cabinet Vision." PKJ are embracing the efficiencies that implementing Cabinet Vision has brought to the business. As Peter commented, “Planit’s really helped us do so much more than we thought we’d be able to do. The journey we have been on is fantastic.”

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