Teva 3D

TEVA 3D is a web-based online 3D project viewer for kitchen & woodwork manufacturers

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Living in the digital era, working remotely and going paperless are becoming standards.

TEVA is a great solution for reviewing technical projects plans between professionals, production or manufacturing follow-up and on-site installation.

To be used by employees on the shop floor, installers and more. You export your CAD project from your favorite software, upload in on the website, and you can now share your project to anyone that is required to see it.  


Watch our Video below as to what you can achieve with Teva3D

Benefit's of Teva 3D in your business

  • Review wherever you are with a 3D web application for all platforms: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
  • Interactive 3D review with efficient display modes to see what matters
  • Single click project link sharing. Guest and view-only access option available
  • Intuitive measurement tools such as tape with snapping points
  • One-click part review

Click here to learn more about Teva 3D