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S2M Optimiser Features

Cabinet Vision end-users have been utilising the S2M Optimiser technology for well over 20 years. Now this time proven and superior optimisation technology is available to anyone needing a panel optimisation solution. The S2M Optimiser allows you to maximise your material yield and reduce your waste. The S2M Optimiser allows you to quickly and easily convert your cutlists into rinted patterns you give directly to your manual saw operator or patterns for import directly to your NC Beam Saw (NC Version). The NC Version of the S2M Optimiser also includes built-in links to nearly all NC Saws on the market.

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Input Methods

The S2M Optimiser gives you a couple of methods for getting your cutlists in the system. First you can simply enter your cutlist directly into the S2M Optimiser on the main screen.

S2M Optimizer Software

The S2M Optimiser also includes a fully customisable delimited file import utility. Create your cutlist using your current method and export to a delimited text file. Use Excel™ or other applications to create your cutlists. Define your delimiter and your columns in the utility, you can even setup multiple import schemes if your cutlists come from different sources.

S2M Optimizer Features

You can define the following data types coming from your imported cutlists.

  • Part Name
  • Part Width
  • Part Length
  • Part Thickness
  • Part Quantity
  • Part Material
  • Part Has Grain?
  • Assembly Name
  • Assembly Number
  • Part Banding Definition

Output Methods

Once your cutlist is in the system the process is very simple to optimise your panel goods.

The S2M Optimiser gives you the flexibility allows you to set the Priority of your Optimisations.  Choose between maximising your material yield or minimising your labour. These settings along with many others allow you to tailor the S2M Optimiser’s output to meet your needs.

S2M Optimizer Features

Click Optimise and get your results quickly. With the S2M Optimiser simply review the patterns produced and print for your saw operator. With the NC Version of the S2M Optimiser another click sends the optimized Patterns directly to your NC Beam Saw.

S2M Optimizer Features

Other Key Features

The S2M Optimiser includes a full Material Management system that allows you to setup and define all the sheetgood and edgebanding Materials you use.

S2M Optimizer Features

The S2M Optimiser also includes the ability to visually define edgebanding on your Parts.

S2M Optimizer Features

The S2M Optimiser includes a Material Summary report .

S2M Optimizer Features

Also be able to produce Part Labels to help part identification down in the factory

The S2M Optimiser also includes a feature allowing you to save the Optimisation for easy recall. This feature allows you to open the Optimisation results rather than having to open the job and re-optimise. This is a handy feature in case the saw operator loses his paperwork in the middle of cutting the Job.

S2M Optimizer Features

The S2M Optimiser also includes the ability to set Overmake Parts in order to fulfill extra inventory needs of certain Part sizes as necessary. This Overmake functionality will allow you to better utilize cutting of full sheets of Materials. This Overmake value will not cause a new Sheet/Pattern to be created but will fill up your sheets in order to reduce scrap our large Offcuts.

S2M Optimizer Features

Available Direct NC Saw Links (S2M Optimizer – NC Version)

We are constantly improving existing links for newer saw controls and adding new NC Saw Links as new NC Panel Saws are introduced to the Woodworking market. Following is a list of the currently available NC Saw Links:

Please contact your machinery supplier to determine which link will best suite your saw:

  • Altendorf Elmo
  • Casadei CN04
  • Casadei MX39
  • CPOUT (Generic file accepted by many Saws)
  • CPOUT - Mayer
  • Elcon Quadra
  • Excitech EP
  • Gabbiani Prima
  • Giben Prismatic
  • Holz-Her Kvara
  • Holz-Her Tria
  • Holzma
  • Homag España CH03
  • Homag España CH03+
  • Homag España CH12
  • Macmazza On-Board
  • Macmazza SEZ2000
  • Macmazza Tork MP70
  • Martin T74
  • Mayer
  • NIMAC Ilenia
  • PIOS
  • Scheer DNC - AT
  • SCMI Seziona
  • SCMI Sigma 65
  • SCMI WinCut
  • SCMI x915
  • SCMI z32
  • SCMI z45
  • Selco XML

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