Saving CAD Dimensions

Q:  I need to show the overall depth dimensions on my objects for my architect.  I want to save these dimensions so I don't have to apply them each time.  Can this be done?
A:  Yes, you can apply CAD Dimensions to objects and save it back to the catalog.
1)  Start a new job, place a Base cabinet on a Wall, take to Assembly Editor \ Plan view.  

2)  Go to CAD \ Dimensions and pull out a Dimension line from the back of the object to the front.  Hint:  Turn on the Snap Points to make this easier. 

3)  Return to Room Level \ Plan view, right click on the cabinet, select Properties \ Show Plan CAD, OK.  

4)  You will now see the total depth of the object.

5)  Right click the cabinet, select Save As.

6)  Give the cabinet a new name and select the Preserve CAD option, OK.

7)  Now you can use this object over and over and it will always have the overall Dimension attached.

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