Use of a PNL file

Q:  I don't have any CNC machinery but another company that does has offered to cut my parts.  How can I send them a parts list to cut?

A:  If they have Optimizer software, you can send them a PNL file which they can then process.

1)  If you have not done so, you will need to speak to your Customer Service Representative or regional Sales Representative about purchasing the Optimizer option for Solid.

2)  Once this is activated, you can go to the S2M Center and you will see your Parts List.  You then go to the Machine Catalog and setup a Saw with a NC Link of PNL File.

3)  Now choose the Saw as your Primary Machine and you will see the External Optimizer button.  Click this and you can now output these parts in a PNL File format which can be read and processed by their Optimizer software.


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