Problem Troubleshooting - Large Dimension Font

Q:  When I place an Elevation View scene on the Drawings Page, the size of the Dimensions are much too large.
A:  This means the scale of the Dimensions is locked into the Room size as opposed to changing to a sheet size.  There is a setting in the Layers that needs to be changed to resolve this.
1)  To illustrate the problem, place a Base cabinet on a Wall and go to the Elevation view.

2)  Now right click and send the view To Drawings.

3)  Go to the Drawings Page, place this scene on the sheet, and notice the extra large font.

4)  Go back to the Elevation view, go to the top of the page, and select the Dimension Styles icon (looks like a wrench).

5)  Select the Style you use and Edit.

6)  Notice the second line down is the Fixed Scale setting.  Change this to No.

7)  Send another Elevation View to the Drawings Page and go look at that one.

8)  You now see that the scale of the Dimensions matches the Drawings Page.


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