Problem Troubleshooting - Tool Not Found

Q:  I am getting a "Tool Not Found" error for the Line Bores on a Finished End when Optimizing.  What could be causing this?

A:  The most common cause of this error is a mismatch between the Diameter of the Line Bore as setup in the Assembly Wizard and the Diameter of the Tool Bit as setup in the Tool Catalog.

1)  This is an example of the error message I am receiving when Optimizing.

2)  First, look at the Tool Catalog to determine the Diameter of the bit being used for Line Bores.  In this case, we see that it is set to 5mm.

3)  Next, look at the Diameter of the Line Bore in the Assembly Wizard.  We see that it is set to 4.8 mm.

4)  Change the Line Bore Diameter to 5mm.

5)  Now Optimize the Finished End again and notice the proper Tool is being selected and there are no Error messages.


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