How to Calculate Unknown Wall Angle

Q: For a non-standard layout, how can I place two adjoining Walls without knowing the angle?

A: By taking three measurements for the adjoining Walls, Solid can calculate the angle for you.

1) Start a new job and place one Horizontal Wall.

2) Now click the end of the first Wall and start moving your mouse to start placing the second Wall.

3) Before you click the mouse to place the second Wall, click the F3 button on your keyboard. You will see the following Angle Calculator routine appear.

4)  Now enter the values for letters A, B, and C.  For this example, I am using 42 for A, 42 for B, and 75 for C.  Once I enter these values, I click the Calculate button.  The angle will be calculated and displayed. 

5)  Now select OK.  The angle will be set and you will now simply enter the length of the second Wall.

For further information, please search the Help files within Solid.

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