Our Support & Maintenance Agreement (SMA) provides complete peace of mind

The financial cost of unplanned downtime can be expensive and lead to additional costs to your business, such as delayed deliveries, lost sales opportunities and even lost customers. CVSEA works in partnership with its customers for the long term. We have a support network of technicians who understand the demands of your business and can provide practical and innovative solutions, as well as recommend the most appropriate combination of software, training and services that suits your needs.

We understand it's essential to maximise productivity, which is why we offer Hexagon SMA, specifically designed with your success in mind.

Check out the full set of SMA benefits below:

Technical Support

1. eSupport

eSupport is a worldwide online website available to members of SMA for their nominated product. eSupport provides a professional self-help service. Members can download the latest software updates, additional catalogues and much more. Members can use the forums to ask questions, research topics, request new features and communicate with other CABINET VISION and ALPAHCAM users and technicians all around the world.

2. Support

CVSEA Provides contact to the Technical Support Team, for resolution of more involved issues.

4. Web Rescue

A direct PC to PC service allowing our Technical Support Team to resolve your issues.

Product Development

6. Software Updates

Receive software updates giving you the latest functionality and ensuring maximum productivity and efficiency.

7. Program Issues

Through eSupport, you will be able to log and monitor any software issues and receive fixes.

8. Enhancement Requests

Provide your valuable input into the modification and enhancement of existing product features and see them delivered through your software updates.