Floor Plan Creation · Site Surveying

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Transform built space into data.

Capture the world around you and create floor plans on the spot. Scan rooms, draw them, or import existing plans. magicplan automatically captures and displays all measurements. You can add objects, photos, or notes and edit plans – even in Elevation View.



Measure properties and rooms.

When you scan a room, magicplan automatically captures all its dimensions. Create complete floor plans by scanning all rooms of a property. Plotting without a tape measure has never been so easy.

magicplan is your mobile solution to transform built space into data.



Floor Plans

Create a floor plan without actively measuring and drawing. Aim at the corners of a room with your mobile device. Click, your floor plan is created.

Plan projects with reliable data, based on digital floor plans.





Site Surveying

Add notes and pictures to a floor plan. magicplan generates a report that displays information in the contextual environment of the plan.
Speed up site surveying and generate clear, comprehensive reports.