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Solid Essential is Cabinet Vision's entry-level design for manufacturing software tool.

It may be our entry-level design to manufacturing software product, but we don’t call it Solid Essential for nothing.

It comes packed with the “essential” tools every cabinetmaker needs.

Offering cabinetmaker's the essential software tools for building cabinets, Solid Essential allows for room design & layout, plan, elevation & 3D rendered views, generation of cabinet reports, cut lists, material & hardware requirements, plus basic estimating information.

And as a part of the Cabinet Vision range, you’ve got options when it’s time to add on additional features.


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 Key Features of Solid Essential

• Design your own cabinetry and save to your favourites
• Option for Face Frame or Frameless Construction Definition
• Drawer Box and Roll Out Construction Definition
• Door/Drawer Front Style Definition
• Extensive Design Views Available (Plan, Elevation, 3D, Rendered, etc.)
• Easily apply textures to surfaces
• Customise your own title block
• Straight, Angled, and Peninsula Walls
• User Defined Custom Assembly Catalogs
• Full Cabinet Sectioning Control
• 2D CAD Functionality
• Step up to add on CNC functionality

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CABINET VISION is a unique solution for those in the woodworking industry. Our products help enable any furniture, woodworking or kitchen cabinet manufacturer to fully automate and integrate its design through manufacturing processes, saving time, eliminating costly mistakes and increasing productivity.

Developing a single interface, offering a true screen to machine solution* with no reliance on 3rd party applications, has given thousands of Planit customers a competitive edge.

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